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Seattle's Hidden Gems Near the Market

If you haven't done a RoadDog Tour, you're missing out! On that note, we were thinking about other fun things you can do while visiting our awesome city. We just wanted to share some of the secret ones near our Seattle Beer Co., that only the locals truly know about. So here they are in no particular order:


Shhh! Seattle's Hidden Gems Near the Market: Our 6 Favorites

1. Bathtub Gin. This little Speakeasy is something you are sure not to forget. Located in an alleyway with a very subtle sign, its no wonder only the locals know about it. Scratch cocktails & wine make for the perfect little outing.

2. The Tasting Room. Located across the alley from the Pink Door, The Tasting Room has an amazing selection of wines at incredible prices. Crack a bottle on the patio and people-watch, or take some home with you!

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3. Beecher's Handmade Cheese. For the cheeselovers in all of us, Beecher's is a Seattle staple, debuting its glorious products across the Seatown restaurant scene. Watch them make the cheese, taste your favorite, and take a variety to go.


4. The Gum Wall. Yes, the infamous Gum Wall of Seattle. Every couple of years they will clean it off, but our tradition is more stubborn than that.


5. Lion Heart Book Store. This great little gem in Pike Place Market not only has a wonderful selection of nostalgic childhood books, it has a selection of great other styles of reads as well. We think one of the best parts of visiting here is getting to meet the owner. He's a hoot!


6.Copperworks Distilling. Whether you're a vodka, gin, or whiskey fan, this is your place. They give guided tours, and tastings! 



Drew's Brews News May 2015


With the close of Seattle Beer Week we are granted with a couple of weeks to let our livers heal before beer festival season kicks off. Summer is the time when the Washington Beer Commission shifts into overdrive and hosts festivals from June to October. On Father's Day weekend at Marymoor Park in Redmond the Washington Brewer's Festival will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary! This means 3 days jam packed with beer, bands, and bonding (with your father, or other beer drinking individuals).

Fact of the Month
Washington State led the nation in new brewery openings in 2014. We had 83 new breweries pop up, with many more to come!

New Beers
Bad Jimmy's Brewing Co - Tart Cherry, Girl Scout Drop Out
Big Al Brewing -  Hop Villain CDA
Fremont Brewing –  Endurance Imperial IPA, Spring Elixir Imperial IPA, Sister Imperial IPA
Georgetown Brewing – Bob's Brown Ale, 12 month aged Tombourbon
Hilliard's Beer - Brown Ale (Collaboration with Redhook)
Hale’s Ales Brewery –  Shed Stout, Sour Saison
Outlander Brewing – Raspberry Shitshow, Day Trippa Triple IPA
Pyramid Brewing Co. –  Lemonhead Pale

Upcoming Events in Seattle
May 7-17th - Seattle Beer Week
June 19-21 - Washington Brewers Festival



Drew's Brews News April 2015

Beer Beer Everywhere, all for us to drink!

Before we know it Seattle Beer Week will be upon us once again. We will have to forgo seeing family and friends, leave work early and clear our social calendar for the busiest 10 ten days of beer in the city! For the full calendar, go to This is the seventh annual Seattle Beer Week and in keeping with tradition the Seattle Beer Collective selected Silver City Brewery to brew the official SBW beer. Located in Bremerton and Silverdale, has released Sieben Braü (7th Brew), a NW hoppy lager with a uniquely Seattle can design. Sieben Braü will be released on draft May 7th, and the cans are available now. Be on the look out!

Fact(s) of the Month
Washington State has the 2nd largest amount of breweries (250+), 2nd largest amount of wineries (850+) and the largest amount of distilleries (100+)!

The Seattle Mariners Safeco Field is the best stadium in the nation for beer and the only stadium the offers cask conditioned beer! Read about where to get the best beers thanks to Kendall Jones at the Washington Beer Blog.  

New Beers
Bad Jimmy's Brewing CoBlood Orange Honey Wheat, Cocoa Vanilla Porter with Conduit  Roasters coffee
Big Al Brewing -  Hop Villain CDA
Fremont Brewing –  Boat Pilsner, Summer Ale, Wandering Wheat
Georgetown Brewing – Craigalicious (Black Lager)
Hilliard's Beer - Boombox IPA, Chrome Satan (now in cans),
Hale’s Ales Brewery –  Nut Brown
Outlander Brewing – Lime and Coconut Pale Ale, SLO IPA, Falkor IPA
Pyramid Brewing Co. –  IPA (new)
Seapine Brewing  - IPA with Galaxy Hops
Seattle Cider Co. - Citrus Cider

Upcoming Events in Seattle
April 25th - RiteCare Beer Festival 
May 2nd - Bacon and Beer Classic at Safeco Field
May 7-17th - Seattle Beer Week



Drew's Brews News March 2015

Cask Beer is Here!
If you live in Seattle or will be in town the weekend of the 28th you cannot miss the 15th annual Cask Fest presented by the Washington Brewers Guild. This is another one of my favorite festivals where brewers flock to the Seattle Center with amazing one-of a-kind and limited release beers. All the beers feature have spent some time cask conditioning in either firkins, wine, or spirits barrels. Don’t be surprised to see some beers topping out around 14%! Instead of tokens, the Guild provides “punch cards”, giving attendees the chance to try up to 25 beers! Hope to see some of you there!

Fact of the Month
Cask conditioned ale or “real ale” as it is known in Britain, is beer that has rested in a barrel or firkin (non-pressurized keg) before serving. This process allows the beer to “mellow out” and can subtly or drastically change the flavor.

New Beers
Counterbalance Brewing Co.– Pogo Duck ISA
Fremont Brewing –  Gose (Cucumber Lime version available)
Georgetown Brewing – DH ESB, 5 Point 5 IPA
Hilliard's - Oak aged Saison, Tequila aged Saison
Hale’s Ales Brewery –  Nut Brown
Outlander Brewing – Raspberry Berlinerweisse 
Pyramid Brewing Co. –  S.M.A.S.H. IPA

Upcoming Events in Seattle
March 28th - Cask Beer Festival presented by the Washington Brewers Guild at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall