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Road Dog Tours is a tour company started in 2011.  We launched with our Seattle Brewery Tour, which changed the way people experience the Seattle brewery scene.  A year later we were approached by the local Seattle distilleries to bring guests by and experience the distilleries.  The Seattle Distillery Tour was launched.  A year later we launched our Seattle Coffee Tour and we will continue to push the tour boundaries in providing great guest experiences.   Our tours have continued to expand as we want to bring great experiences to our guests.    We focus on providing our guests with the ultimate, local experiences.  We value your time and want to show you the best experiences known to our cities.  We offer brewery tours, distillery tours, coffee tours and more.  

Feel free to read more about our Tour company and even some of the interesting questions/topics we have received in our FAQ below.

What is a Road Dog?
There are a few versions of the definitions of what a Road Dog is.  
- A beer you take with you in a vehicle (aka Road Soda)
- A person who is down for a great time and adventure (aka a Roadie)

What tours do you offer?
Click here to see our current tours and availability

How many people can go on a tour?
14 guests in a van.

Where do you pickup?
We pickup guests in Downtown Seattle at First and Union (near Pike Place Market) and at Pyramid Brewing by the Stadiums

How do I work for Road Dog Tours?
We occasionally will hire new guides or add to our team. Send an email with your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What breweries do you visit on the tours?
We rotate our tours from various breweries in the city.  You can submit some breweries you are interested in going to in the reservation system.  Ultimately we will pick a route that works best for that given date and time.

Do you ever donate to Charities/Events?
We occasionally donate seats on our tours to charities. If you are interested in partnering with Road Dogs to benefit a charity send an email to
i This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.