Road Dog Tours - Seattle

Seattle is a great city to live, work and play. From the mild winters to the awesome summers, Seattle is one of the greatest cities in America. The locals tell everyone it rains so much just to keep people from moving to the Pacific Northwest.  Whether you live here or are visiting there are many great things about our city that we love sharing with our guests.   It is true however, that we do have a great scene when it comes to craft beer, coffee and now even distilleries.    Check out our current tours to see what adventure you can unlock in Seattle.

Our Seattle Brewery Tour is a great way to see one of the most unique, interesting and fun breweries in America.  We offer our Seattle Brewery Tour daily and at 3 times.  Check out more information about our Brewery Tour here.

The Northwest is known for being a pioneer when it comes to new laws and pushing the barriers with new products.  A perfect example is the micro distilling movement.  Washington currently is a hotbed for the newest distilleries.  These distilleries are great as they are coming up with new flavors and spirits. Check out more information about our Seattle Distillery Tour here.

Starbucks was started here but there are now over 20 micro roasters in the Seattle area.  So if your interested in getting your buzz on in the morning, come check out a Road Dogs Seattle Coffee Tour here.