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Many cities offer coffee tours, but few can boast a roast quite like Seattle can. As cheese-steak is to Philly, likewise coffee is to Seattle. Not only does Seattle have the greatest concentration of coffee shops anywhere in America, it's home to some of the biggest ones, too. Be it Tully's, Starbucks or the aptly named Seattle's Best, much of the world has Seattle to thank for its morning java jolt.

While it's true that Seattle is responsible for the love-hate relationship we have with the $4 latte, it also has plenty to offer those who don't want a mainstream mocha. With two-and-a-half coffee houses per thousand people, Seattle's cup runneth over with local cafes to get your buzz from (including some surprising spots, such as a Laundromat and a barbershop). On a coffee tour with Road Dogs, you'll visit a few of these charming hot spots.

Not only is a coffee house a great place to relax -- it's also a great place to learn! You'll gain a new-found knowledge and appreciation of what goes into the perfect cup while on one of our respectable coffee tours. Whether you're gearing up to visit the Pacific Science Center or Space Needle -- or both -- going on a java journey with Road Dogs is a great way to start any day in Seattle.

Because coffee is available in a less sinful variety (decaf), a coffee excursion with Road Dogs can be fun and flavorful for the whole family. And if that cup of joe is still a bit too grown-up for your little one's taste, there will be plenty of hot cocoa to go around as well!






Whether you're a true coffee enthusiast or simply looking for something warm to perk you right up, a coffee trip with Road Dogs is sure to delight and entice. While the drinks you'll sample across three separate stops are sure to energize, you don't have to worry about transport between the different roasters and cafes-- we'll be the ones "picking you up"! Tours depart daily at 9:00am and 11:00am and run 2 hours (reservations required).

Our coffee tours make for an excellent date or group activity. We can arrange for your party to have a Private Tour if you'd prefer; otherwise you'll accompany other Average Joe's passionate about the proverbial "cup of joe" on one of our Join-In Tours.

After your senses have been awakened, you're sure to finish your coffee experience thinking the $36 the average Seattle resident spends on coffee each month is far too little! In addition to some great memories and perhaps a few bags of a favorite brew, you'll also take home a Road Dogs shirt and mug so you can proudly tell the world: Bean there, done that.





Seattle is home to coffee and rain. With this our Seattle Coffee Tour will take you some of our favorite Coffee Cafes, Roasters and Bakeries to make for a great morning in the Emerald City.  Not only will you fill up on great food and get a good buzz, but you will get to see various parts of our great city.  Here are a few of our partners that you might visit on our Road Dog’s Seattle Coffee Tour.


CONDUIT COFFEE COMPANY-  This micro-roaster started in 2011 and is tucked in between a glass blowing studio and and metal shop along Westlake Ave.
They roast in very small batches in order make a consistent product and they make all their deliveries via bicycle! They produce a number of award-wining blends and single-origin coffees that they deliver to homes, cafes, and businesses in Seattle.


CAFE APPASSIONATO- Located in Fisherman’s Terminal, the building itself is something to ogle at with it’s beautiful, wild growing ivy. This Seattle coffee roaster is named for Beethoven’s piano sonata, Opus 57, #23 in the key of F which is also known simply as the Appassionata.  Established early on in the 1990’s, Appassionato concentrates their efforts in making low-acidity coffee’s that are easy on the sto
mach.   Using a process of slow roasting at lower temperatures, their process may take about three times longer than other coffee roasters, but this allows them to create full-bodied characteristics. The roasting process is done on an older model roaster from the 1940’s and is on site.


CAFE UMBRIA- Pioneer Square is the original neighborhood in Seattle, founded in 1852, and Cafe Umbria sits here.  Surrounded by historical buildings, Umbria’s roots go back to the 1940’s, when founding father, Ornello Bizzarri built his very first roaster in Perugia, Italy.  His son, Umberto brought the business from Europe to Seattle, Washington in 1986 and founded Torrefazione Italia.   Unfortunately it was in 2003 when Starbuck’s was buying up local coffee roasters like Seattle’s Best Coffee, that they also purchased the families business. That very same year, Ornello’s grandson, Emanuale Bizzarri, established Cafe Umbria, so that they family legacy could live on.  The roastery blends about 15 different styles of beans from around the globe, with the bulk being from Central and South America, as well as Africa.







We offer our Road Dogs Seattle Coffee Tour DAILY at 9:00am and 11:00am. Bookings are closed at 2pm the day prior to the tour.

We can also customize a start time for any Private Coffee Tour if you desired.

  • JOIN IN TOURS - $49 per person
  • PRIVATE TOURS - Please call for a custom private tour quote for Seattle Coffee Tours.