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In 2008, Washington updated the laws for their craft distillery license, making it easier for small, specialty spirit makers to launch a business successfully and affordably. As a result, Washington has seen a surge in microdistilleries pop up in just the past few years. The state has been a long-time leader in the beer, wine and coffee industries, and through this one simple change, was able to give beverage lovers everywhere yet another reason to flock to the area.  

The great thing about small business distilleries is they often produce unique, more flavorful varieties of spirits compared to their mainstream counterparts. They're also much more likely to incorporate only the freshest ingredients in all of their concoctions, be it regional wine to make brandy or organic potatoes to craft vodka. Whether it's hand-selecting the grain grown from a local farm or experimenting with a better recipe, there's no doubt the devotion Washington distillers have to their products is what makes them the best around.

On a distillery tour with Road Dogs, you'll be able to see (and taste!) for yourself the intense dedication that goes into producing the finest local spirits. Our 3 hour tour will introduce you to three of the area's 50+ establishments, including the history and daily operations of each. Not only will you have a fabulous time learning how favorites like vodka, gin and other spirits are made.

Our distillery tour is our most popular tour offering here at Road Dogs, and it's easy to see why. There's no better way to see Seattle, socialize, and sip sensational spirits, all in an afternoon! We make it easy by transporting guests to all of the fun and informative stops on the tour. If a Private Tour is required, it can be conveniently arranged beforehand for those seeking a wonderful company event or party activity.






A Road Dogs Distillery Tour is the perfect addition to any vacationer's itinerary. After a busy morning shopping and riding the Great Wheel, relaxing with good drinks and great friends can be an excellent way to cap off your day. Included with the tour are a commemorative t-shirt and shot glass, providing your wallet with some temporary relief with souvenirs to remember Seattle by.

Whether you're a Seattle newbie, long-time resident, couple, family or group, you're sure to be in "high spirits" following an unforgettable distillery tour with Road Dogs. We fill our spots almost as fast as we fill our shots, so don't delay in booking your tour today!






The state of Washington has some of newest and unique micro distilleries opening monthly.  In Seattle we have over 15 distilleries.  Each one is making different spirits that are crafted by locals in the Pacific Northwest.  Here are some of the various distilleries that we might visit on our Seattle Distillery Tour.  

2BAR SPIRITS- This SoDo based distillery was opened in October of 2012 by owner Nathan Kaiser.  More than 100 years ago the Kaiser family settled their South Texas land and established the family ranch.  The name of that ranch is 2Bar.  Today Nathan is applying those same characteristics of craftsmanship, family and hard work to 2Bar’s fine spirits.  In fermentation tanks that are fronted by pictures of famous female country and western artists (nicknamed “The Working girls of 2Bar), this distillery offers a corn based moonshine, vodka, and Seattle’s very first bourbon. 

3 HOWLS DISTILLERY- The name “3 Howls” comes from owner Will Maschmeier and his love of Scotland and it’s rich lore.  There is an old tale of a beast dog called “Cu-Sith” (which is pronounced Koo-Shee), which howls three times before pulling it’s victims to the depth’s of the Underworld.  This story sets a fun tone for the distillery and lets you know that the guys that run this place have an amazing imagination, which shines through in the spirits that they create. Always testing the limits, much like a home brewer would, Will and his business partner Craig always have something new and fun.  Using a 300 gallon copper-packed still, products have included a Banana Vodka, Blood Orange Vodka and a hop infused whiskey.

BATCH 206 DISTILLERY- Batch 206 Distillery began production in 2008 and specializes in making vodka, gin and whiskey of the finest quality. Batch 206 prides itself as being named 'Best Local Distillery' by the readership of SEATTLE magazine in 2013. Also, among its awards, the distillery's Counter gin was dubbed 'Best Washington Gin' at the 2012 Seattle Ginvitational. The namesake Batch 206 vodka was named 'Exceptional' by the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago ( The distillery's See Seven Stars corn whiskey is a moonshine-style offering for those who enjoy a white whiskey.

COPPERWORKS DISTILLERY- Jason Parker and Micah McNutt opened up along the waterfront property of Seattle in October of 2013.  Jason was a former brewmaster and Pike, Redhook and Pyramid Breweries, and Micah was a long time home brewer himself.  The operation itself is something to behold.  Operating on hand hammered Scottish stills that were bought overseas and shipped to Washington, these guys have created not only a full bodied vodka, but also an award winning gin.  Their gin recently took home a gold medal at the World Spirits Competition in Geneva, Switzerland.  The belief behind these massive traditional stills, that were built by expert coppersmiths, is that copper works.

LETTERPRESS DISTILLERY- Art major, Skip Tognetti opened Letterpress in 2012 with the idea of bringing “real” limoncello to the states.  Inspired by his grandfather who owned a liquor store a block from the Vatican in Rome, Skip hand zests all of the lemons for his product. Blended with a Washington blackberry honey, this limoncello is unlike anything you have tried before. Skip uses all locally sourced grains and also distills his own vodka which he uses as the base for the limoncello. 

OLD BALLARD LIQUOR COMPANY- The Old Ballard Liquor Co. is an artisan nano-distillery in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Paying homage to the area's history as a Scandinavian fishing and blue collar neighborhood, the primary focus is on forgotten and neglected traditional old-fashioned liquors and liqueurs. Owner, Lexi, produces what she calls “high quality products that are approachable and pragmatic.” Her products rotate and change with the seasons, and there's always something new to try in the tasting room. Currently featured are the cherry bounce (a Martha Washington recipe), 2 well vodkas, and an aquavit.

SOUND SPIRITS DISTILLERY - This distillery in Interbay was the very first one to open in the city of Seattle since prohibition was lifted in 1933.  The owner of Sound Spirits is none other than Steven Stone who also currently presides as the president of the Washington State Distillers Guild.  Sound uses only hand crafted and locally made stills to create their fine spirits.  They use a Washington malted barley from the Great Western Malting Company located in Vancouver, WA. The logo of the distillery is none other than the Giant Pacific Octopus, which Steven thought didn’t get enough exposure.  The distillery produces small batches, one at a time, to ensure only the best taste profiles come through.  They currently produce vodka, gin, aquavit, a few liqueurs and are currently barrel aging some whiskey in small barrels.

WESTLAND DISTILLERY- Clearly this facility is the largest of all the Seattle based distilleries.  The building is located in SoDo and offers 13,000 square feet of operating space.  Westland decided to wait a little longer than all the others to open their doors.  While the ban on craft distilling was lifted in 2008, most distilleries go to work on, not only opening a space, but getting a product out as soon as possible.  Master Distiller Matt Hofmann took a different approach and waited until whiskey was available before the doors were opened.  Three different whiskeys are on hand for available tastings.  They currently produced around 100 full sized casks of single malt whiskey on a monthly basis.





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